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10 "Indian summer" Actresses Who Looked Hot in Their 40s But Then Look Like Shit Now

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Published on 16 Oct 2020 / In Film & Animation

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nest006 3 months ago

Nicole Kidman ruined herself with plastic surgery. She's well short of 60, but absolutely wrecked herself with this nonesense. A natural look at 60 for her would still be pleasing, but wtf has she done with this lunacy.

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RoboCat 3 months ago

Appalachia huh? I've heard good things.

Anyway, "women that look good in their 40s"? nah, that's incredibly rare and those women are not "that". These types of women typically have great make-up artists, custom made clothes, expensive hair-stylists and, in the case of movie/film actresses, highly favorable lighting & camera angles. Take any of those 'attractive' 40 year old women but remove these things and you will see that they aged just as poorly or perhaps even worse than the average woman.

Asian women, especially japanese, can still look good in their 40s but they are very careful their whole lives about what they eat and how they live. That's the only way to really delay the wall as high as their 50s in rare cases.

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SEE them TURN 4 months ago

Here eat a brick.

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nexus1961 4 months ago

Some of those "Now" pics were downright painful.. Sharon Stone, especially, I think my love of spandex came from her in Total Recall.
a 3-inch tube top and spandex jumpers.. yyyyrowl.. and now, AAIIIEEEEEE!

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sauger1001 6 months ago

Still chuckle regarding reading about 63yr old Sharon Stone being bumped from the Bumble dating app, only to have someone at Bumble later apologize while putting back her profile. Wonder how that went.

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Fangs13 6 months ago

all the women you spoke about .. for me don't reach a 5 .. too flat , too tanned, and .. too western ..

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nexus1961 3 months ago

Showing my age, but I'm still a Sophia Loren fan.... no one ever mistook her for a guy.

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