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What's New

Pro Packages and verifications March 21, 2020

MGTOW.TV offers free and pro plans for its users. The major differences between free and pro plans is how it affects creators. For viewers free plan is the best choice.

With the free plan creators only have 10 GB of uploads. With the Pro plan you have unlimited uploads, verification mark, and the ability to have your videos featured on the home page.

To become a Pro member one of the following must occur:

  • Pay a $10 USD per month fee Join here
  • Have MGTOW.TV reach out to you as an established creator
  • For established creators not part of the Pro plan we have started rolling out an update for you at NO CHARGE to the Pro plan.

    To find out if you are a Pro member, when you upload a video, it will have an option to select if you want to feature your video on the home page. Featured videos must be new and not have been made public before. Featured videos must be at least 7 minutes long and will last no more than 24 hours on the home page. All other functions will remain the same.

    MGTOW.TV from time to time reaches out to creators for an invitation to Pro. If you would like to take the initiative and have us upgrade you to Pro, you must meet the following:

  • Original content; video clips, music videos, work of others, do not qualify
  • Have a significant presence outside of MGTOW.TV
  • Content must be fulfilling and have purpose
  • ID preferably passport must be submitted with verification request.

    Please note that a verification mark does not guarantee acceptance into the Pro plan. To start the process please be logged in and click here.