This channel features my previous work as the MGTOW Menace (active from 2017 - 2019). My channel also includes the "old school" MGTOW message - predominantly from the big content creators such as; Spetsnaz, Barbarossa, Jerry Liu, Coterie, and others.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

Jaguar Media is an independent news and free-thinking channel. All content and commentary on this channel are independently researched and produced by the #JagSquad. We aim to:

i) Raise questions and inquiries into the mainstream and non-mainstream issues.
ii) Educate on, comment, and critique news issues, investments, esoteric matters, education, and public debate.
iii) Preserve historical artifacts, documents, creative expressions, and arts where possible

NOTE: The Jaguar Media discord server (version 3.0) is currently in operation now. If you wish to join, please email me at; menacemedia101@gmail.com.

Be discerning of the truth

~ Jaguar Media ~